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Popular website Open Subtitles has been breached. The impact so far: almost seven million accounts “breached and ransomed” back in August.
New breach: Open Subtitles had almost 7M accounts breached and ransomed in Aug. Data included email and IP addresses, usernames and unsalted MD5 password hashes. 75% were already in @haveibeenpwned. Read more: https://t.co/bXCD897HRC
— Have I Been Pwned (@haveibeenpwned) January 19, 2022
There’s a long and detailed post on Open Subtitles’ forum with regard to what’s happened. Notable points of interest:
The site received a message from someone with proof of having gained access to the data.
“He gained access to all users’ data – email, username, password…He promised the data would be erased and he would help us secure the site after the payment.
The site was created in 2006 with little knowledge of security, so passwords were stored in md5() hashes without salt”
Money troubles
One point of contention relates to paying off the ransom. Some coverage is claiming they paid up,
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
Cybercriminals looking to capitalize on the Log4Shell vulnerability are attacking devices from SolarWinds and ZyXEL that are known to have used the Log4j library inside their software, according to two reports published on Wednesday by Microsoft and Akamai.
The most urgent of these attacks are those spotted by Microsoft, which said it discovered a threat actor abusing Log4Shell in combination with a zero-day vulnerability in the SolarWinds Serv-U file-sharing server.
Tracked as CVE-2021-35247, Microsoft said it reported the issue to SolarWinds, which has released a fix on Tuesday.
Described as an input validation issue in the Serv-U web login screen, Microsoft said the attackers were using the zero-day to bypass input validation on the login process using non-standard characters and then using the Log4Shell exploit to take over Serv-U servers.
In addition to these attacks, Akamai security researcher Larry Cashdollar also reported spotting a Mirai DDoS botnet going after ZyXEL networking devices.
“It could be 
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
Deloitte, a leader in managed security services, has launched MXDR by Deloitte — a Managed Extended Detection and Response suite of offerings — within which the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform will power a number of solutions.
MXDR by Deloitte combines an integrated, composable and modular managed detection and response SaaS platform with managed security services in a unified offering of advanced, military-grade threat hunting, detection, response and remediation capabilities.
The CrowdStrike Falcon platform is one of the world’s most advanced cloud-native platforms for protecting critical areas of enterprise risk, including endpoints, cloud workloads, identity and data. The CrowdStrike Falcon platform provides highly standardized, cloud-delivered, effective and easy to use SaaS solutions.
“Many of our clients have dozens — if not hundreds — of security tools in their arsenals, which can be a challenge to manage. We developed MXDR by Deloitte to help organizations consolidate into one managed services and solut
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
In an incident response investigation, CrowdStrike analysts use multiple data points to parse the facts of who, what, when and how. As part of that fact-finding mission, analysts investigating Windows systems leverage the Microsoft Protection Log (MPLog), a forensic artifact on Windows operating systems that offers a wealth of data to support forensic investigations. MPLog has proven to be beneficial in identifying process execution and file access on systems.
To aid investigators everywhere, this blog post provides an overview of the MPLog files, offers examples of the data contained within and walks through a case study of RClone, a data exfiltration tool used by eCrime actors during ransomware attacks.
What Is the MPLog?
The Microsoft Protection Log, or MPLog, is a plain-text log file generated by Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials for troubleshooting purposes. This log can contain historical evidence of the following:
Process execution
Threats detected
Scan results and actions taken
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
This update marks the fortieth to my Binary Analysis Course! The last update was on the 25th of July 2021, which is admittedly longer ago than I had hoped for. In the months between then and now, I reviewed every single article in the course. In the past, I had already reviewed some articles, which … Read more
Article Link: Binary Analysis Course: release notes 0x28 – Max Kersten
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这次更新是我二进制分析课程的第四十次更新!最近一次更新是在2021年7月25日,诚然这比我预期的时间要长。从那时到现在的几个月里,我复习了课程中的每一篇文章。在过去,我已经评论了一些文章,这... 阅读更多
文章链接: 二进制分析课程: 发行说明0x28-Max Kersten
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There’s been a growth in cheap, easy-to-use malware available to hackers who want to steal cryptocurrency from users.
Article Link: Cheap malware is behind a rise in attacks on cryptocurrency wallets | ZDNet
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文章链接: 廉价恶意软件是加密货币钱包攻击增加的幕后黑手 | ZDNet
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
Browser based attacks are one of the most common vectors used by adversaries to gain control of an internal system on a target network. In this "beachhead assault" stage of a cyber attack campaign, attackers attempt to exploit known and unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities in browser applications. The main goal in secure browsing is to prevent malware from successfully breaching the browser and establishing persistence on the underlying endpoint.
Article Link: Browser Isolation - The Next Generation of Secure Browsing
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文章链接: 浏览器隔离-下一代安全浏览
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
The UK’s National Cyber Secuity Centre (NCSC) has published a guide to help make your organization’s SMS and telephone messages effective and trustworthy.
SMS and telephone calls represent an extremely effective means of mass communication. As such they are essential tools for most organizations, especially those that deal directly with the general public. Of course, they’re also great tools for cybercriminals.
Due to the many options that cybercriminals have for impersonating and spoofing, it is almost impossible to reliably tell the recipient whether the sender is who they claim to be. This means that cybercriminals are able to pose as legitimate organizations, and mimic the style of their communications.
And when email recipients receive a message that appears to be from a brand they know and trust, they might well be more tempted into clicking on a malicious link.
Important elements for communication
As a rule of thumb, the NCSC gives a few pointers to keep in mind when using SMS or phone calls.
Don’t ask
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A “honeypot” is a metaphor that references using honey as bait for a lure or trap. Honeypots have served many purposes in history, including recruiting spies and catching criminals in real life. Honeypots have also long made their way into computing as a way to gather information about potential threats targeting public facing assets.
Honeypots are a powerful tool for threat intelligence researchers, security engineers, and malware analysts. Honeypots come in many forms, collecting different information and serving distinct purposes. Honeypots can be used to collect:
New malware or rampant malware to analyze over time
Indicators of compromise (IoCs) of malicious IP addresses conducting attacks
New exploits targeting applications
They can even be used as a way to waste an attacker’s time through deception
Honeypots serve a powerful purpose for threat intelligence. Having the ability to collect information from attackers in a controlled environment is an important intelligence asset which can help you always st
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
What is cyber resilience vs. cybersecurity and why in today’s digital economy you need a plan for both.
Article Link: Cyber Resilience vs. Cybersecurity: What's the difference?
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什么是网络弹性 vs. 网络安全,以及为什么在今天的数字经济中,你需要为这两者制定一个计划。
文章链接: 网络弹性与网络安全: 有什么区别?
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
After cyberattacks in Ukraine, US wants organisations to boost their defenses and be prepared.
Article Link: CISA warns - upgrade your cybersecurity now to defend against "potential critical threats" | ZDNet
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文章链接: 中国钢铁工业协会警告-升级你的网络安全,现在防御“潜在的关键威胁”| ZDNet
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
We’re excited to announce that Bitdefender has been designated as a Strategic Leader in AV-Comparatives’ “Enterprise Prevention and Response CyberRisk Quadrant™” report, achieving the highest overall performance in the test. The test assessed and compared the performance of Bitdefender’s GravityZone Ultra, against 10 other cybersecurity solutions.
Article Link: Bitdefender Achieves Highest Score in AV-Comparatives Security Report
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我们很高兴地宣布,Bitdefender 已经在 AV-Comparatives 的“企业预防和应对网络风险 quadrantm”报告中被指定为战略领导者,在测试中取得了最高的整体表现。该测试评估并比较了 Bitdefender 公司的 GravityZone Ultra 和其他10种网络安全解决方案的性能。
文章链接: 比特卫士在 av- 比较安全报告中获得最高分
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
There’s a lot of going on quietly in the background with Sophos Central, the world’s most trusted cybersecurity platform. Take a dive under the hood.
Article Link: The most powerful parts of Sophos Central? The ones nobody notices – Sophos News
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在 Sophos Central 这个世界上最值得信赖的网络安全平台的背后,有很多事情在悄悄进行着。在引擎盖下潜水。
文章链接: Sophos 中心最有力的部分? 没人注意的部分-Sophos 新闻
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The beginning of any year is a natural time to take stock of your processes, resources, and systems while looking for opportunities to improve efficiency. There’s just something natural about the flipping of a calendar that makes us want to look around and say “is there something I could be doing better? Is there an easier way to do this?”
In the rapidly shifting intelligence and security industry, investigating these questions can lead to important conversations about your organization’s security posture. “Security” is a broad term and can mean a million different things; and a SOC can be configured a thousand different ways with any number of different platforms, systems, and analysts working to keep you safe. Taking the time to assess your current SOC setup and make the right decisions can save countless hours, allow you to reallocate scarce resources, and most importantly, prevent serious risks.
All of these points mean that 2022 is the year for you to begin integrating intelligence into your current SOC 
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
For many Security Operations Centers (SOCs), conducting effective queries using a traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) requires training and familiarity with syntax language, and deep analysis to take action on the results of a particular hunt.
Article Link: Cybereason XDR: 10X Faster Threat Hunting
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文章链接: Cybereason XDR: 10X Faster Threat Hunting
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
While the cloud computing infrastructure is designed to be very agile and flexible, transparency as to where the information is being processed is very important due to global privacy and security regulations. Steve Orrin, Federal CTO at Intel, joins the podcast to discuss approaches to remaining compliant with the various laws (i.e., restricting where the data may reside) when moving to the cloud - check it out...
Article Link: CISO Stories Podcast: Moving to the Cloud? Don’t Forget Hardware Security
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尽管云计算基础设施的设计非常灵活,但由于全球隐私和安全法规,信息处理位置的透明度非常重要。英特尔公司的联邦首席技术官史蒂夫 · 奥林(Steve Orrin)加入这个播客,讨论在移动到云端时如何遵守各种法律(例如,限制数据可能存在的位置)。
文章链接: CISO 故事播客: 移动到云? 不要忘记硬件安全
2022年1月21日 01:09malware.news
Cryptocurrency trading platform Crypto.com has formally confirmed on Thursday that it suffered a major security breach after suspending withdrawals for more than 14 hours on Monday in an incident that has annoyed some of its users because of the company’s opaque way of handling the incident.
In a statement posted on its website, the company said that hackers gained access to the accounts of 483 users on Monday, from where the intruders stole around $34 million, representing 4,836.26 ETH and 443.93 BTC.
Crypto.com said it detected the incident right away after its risk monitoring system started flagging suspicious transactions that were being approved without a two-factor authentication (2FA) challenge being inputted by the account owners.
While the company did not go into the technical details of how this was possible, Crypto.com assumed all responsibility for the hack and restored any stolen funds to the affected accounts.
Since then, the company said it has been working to shift its 2FA infrastructure to a 
2022年1月20日 23:344ra1n

前往 Privoxy 官网下载
forward-socks4 / . listen-address
2022年1月20日 23:34Security Boulevard
Foresight is an automated observability tool that helps developers effectively and efficiently monitor and debug their test runs in a CI/CD environment. It also helps them optimize the execution time and performance of their CI builds by providing workflow analytics and metrics.
The post Integration of Thundra Foresight with Bitbucket Pipelines appeared first on Security Boulevard.
Foresight 是一个自动化的可观察性工具,可以帮助开发人员有效和高效地监视和调试 CI/CD 环境中的测试运行。它还通过提供工作流分析和指标,帮助他们优化 CI 构建的执行时间和性能。
Thundra Foresight 与 Bitbucket pipeline 的后一体化最早出现在安全大道上。
2022年1月20日 23:34Security Boulevard
NORWALK, Conn., January 20, 2022 — Datto Holding Corp. (Datto) (NYSE:MSP), the leading global provider of cloud-based software and security solutions purpose-built for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), today announced that it has acquired threat detection and response company Infocyte, extending Datto’s security capabilities that protect, detect, and respond to cyberthreats found within endpoints and cloud…
The post Datto Acquires Cybersecurity Company Infocyte appeared first on Infocyte.
The post Datto Acquires Cybersecurity Company Infocyte appeared first on Security Boulevard.
NORWALK,Conn. ,2022年1月20日ー Datto Holding corp. (NYSE: MSP) ,全球领先的云计算软件和安全解决方案提供商,今天宣布它已经收购了针对管理服务提供商(MSPs)的威胁检测和响应公司 Infocyte,扩展 Datto 的安全能力,保护、检测和响应端点和云计算中发现的网络威胁..。
最早出现在 Infocyte 上的 Datto 收购网络安全公司 Infocyte 的消息。
邮报 Datto 收购网络安全公司首先出现在安全大道上。
2022年1月20日 23:34Security Boulevard
Background: The Log4j Bomb “Shell”
On December 9th, 2021, reports surfaced about a new zero-day vulnerability, termed Log4j (Log4Shell), impacting Minecraft servers. [see “Protecting Against the Log4J Vulnerability”] Countless millions of devices instantly became at risk of attack, and Log4j ranked among the worst vulnerabilities yet seen. The fear of the Log4j security flaw has once again returned as threat actors have started to exploit vulnerable VMWare Horizon Servers. Learn more about Log4j and this new threat in this Morphisec blog post.
Log4j is a logging framework for java applications and has been an integral part of many programs since the mid-1990s. Cloud storage companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, which are the digital hotline for millions of other applications, have been hit hard. The same goes for other IT giants like IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce, as well as thousands of Internet-connected devices like televisions and security cameras.
Thanks to this easily accessible framework that com
2022年1月20日 23:34Security Boulevard
Moving Target Defense Recognized as Emerging Technology for Application Security by Gartner
Gartner has released new research about moving target defense (MTD) that we want to bring to your attention. Their findings demonstrate why MTD is a vital component of a prevention-first cybersecurity strategy. Likewise, their forecasts predict rapid MTD adoption by vendors and security teams in the near future. Above all, Gartner’s findings about MTD validate the mission Morphisec is on: leveraging the power of moving target defense to defeat modern cyber attacks, especially those that haven’t been seen before, and thereby bringing peace of mind to IT and security professionals.
The post Gartner Sees Promise in Moving Target Defense appeared first on Security Boulevard.
运动目标防御被 Gartner 认为是应用安全的新兴技术
Gartner 发布了关于移动目标防御(MTD)的新研究,我们希望引起您的注意。他们的研究结果表明,为什么 MTD 是一个预防为主的网络安全战略的重要组成部分。同样,他们预测在不久的将来供应商和安全团队将迅速采用 MTD。最重要的是,Gartner 关于 MTD 的发现证实了 Morphisec 正在执行的任务: 利用移动目标防御的力量击败现代网络攻击,尤其是那些以前从未见过的攻击,从而给 IT 和安全专业人员带来内心的平静。
2022年1月20日 23:34Security Boulevard
It’s January, and most of us are hitting the gym, eating salads, and resolving to take better care of our health. This year, we’d encourage you to add “improve digital health.” We’re telling ThreatX customers to make sure their new year’s resolutions include good digital hygiene, such as updating cipher suites and certificates.   Updating certificates  […]
The post Digital Hygiene Tip From Our SOC: Update Your Cipher Suites and Certificates appeared first on ThreatX.
The post Digital Hygiene Tip From Our SOC: Update Your Cipher Suites and Certificates appeared first on Security Boulevard.
现在是一月份,我们大多数人都在健身房锻炼,吃沙拉,并决心要更好地照顾我们的健康。今年,我们鼓励你加入“改善数字健康”我们告诉威胁客户确保他们的新年计划包括良好的数字卫生,比如更新密码套装和证书。更新证书[ ... ... ]
来自我们 SOC 的数字卫生提示: 更新你的密码组合和证书首先出现在威胁。
后数字卫生提示从我们的 SOC: 更新您的密码组合和证书首次出现在安全大道。
2022年1月20日 23:31The Daily Swig | Cybersecurity
The ‘sophisticated’ attack was detected last week
2022年1月20日 23:31The Daily Swig | Cybersecurity
New guidance will bring standards into line with federal civilian networks
2022年1月20日 21:35Hacking Articles
Hackable: 3, Vulnhub medium machine was created by Elias Sousa and can be downloaded here.This lab is designed for experienced CTF players who want to
The post Hackable: 3 VulnHub Walkthrough appeared first on Hacking Articles.
3,Vulnhub 中型计算机由 Elias Sousa 创建,可在此下载。这个实验室是专为有经验的 CTF 球员谁想
3 VulnHub Walkthrough 首先出现在 Hacking Articles 上。
2022年1月20日 21:34Security Boulevard
5 Data Loss/Leak Prevention Best Practices To Protect Your Students’ Privacy It’s no secret that most school districts are using cloud applications for everything from instruction to operations. Our recent survey found that over 94% use Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Canvas, Zoom, and many more. But many people don’t know that schools aren’t correctly preventing […]
The post Preventing Data Leaks and Loss in Google and Microsoft 365 appeared first on ManagedMethods.
The post Preventing Data Leaks and Loss in Google and Microsoft 365 appeared first on Security Boulevard.
5. 防止数据丢失/泄露保护学生隐私的最佳做法大家都知道,大多数学区都在使用云应用程序,从教学到操作,应有尽有。我们最近的调查发现超过94% 的人使用 Google Workspace,Microsoft 365,Canvas,Zoom 等等。但是许多人不知道学校没有正确地防止... ... 
谷歌和微软365防止数据泄露和丢失的帖子最早出现在 ManagedMethods 上。
2022年1月20日 21:34Security Boulevard
Solution offers easy-to-use risk-based access for partners and consultants – including vendors, consultants, and bots – with just a few clicks Fall River, Mass. & Herndon, Va. – January 20, ...
The post SecZetta And Strivacity Announce Joint Offering to Automate Third-party Identity Risk Management and Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) appeared first on SecZetta.
The post SecZetta And Strivacity Announce Joint Offering to Automate Third-party Identity Risk Management and Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) appeared first on Security Boulevard.
解决方案提供了易于使用的风险为基础的访问合作伙伴和顾问-包括供应商,顾问,和机器人-只需点击几下秋河,马萨诸塞州和赫恩登,Va. 。一月二十日。
后 SecZetta 和 Strivacity 宣布联合发售自动化第三方身份风险管理和客户身份和访问管理(CIAM)最早出现在 SecZetta 上。
后 SecZetta 和 Strivacity 宣布联合发售自动化第三方身份风险管理和客户身份和访问管理(CIAM)首次出现在安全大道。
2022年1月20日 21:34Security Boulevard
Looking back, 2021 was a breakout year for ransomware around the globe, with ransoms spiking to unprecedented multi-million dollar amounts.
Related: Colonial Pipeline attack ups ransomware ante
All this while Endpoint Detection and Response system (EDR) installations are at an … (more…)
The post GUEST ESSAY: Here’s why EDR and XDR systems failed to curtail the ransomware wave of 2021 appeared first on Security Boulevard.
相关报道: 殖民地管道袭击增加了勒索软件的事件
所有这一切,而端点检测和响应系统(EDR)的安装是在... (更多...)
这就是为什么 EDR 和 XDR 系统未能阻止勒索软件在2021年首次出现在安全大道上的原因。
2022年1月20日 21:34Data Breach – Security Affairs
A cyberattack on a Red Cross contactor resulted in the theft of personal data for more than 515,000 highly vulnerable people A cyberattack on a Red Cross contactor resulted in the theft of personal data for more than 515,000 highly vulnerable people seeking missing families. The infamous attack was disclosed by the International Committee of […]
The post Red Cross hit by a sophisticated cyberattack appeared first on Security Affairs.
一起针对红十字会接触者的网络攻击导致超过515,000名高度脆弱人群的个人数据被盗红十字会接触者遭受的网络攻击导致超过515,000名高度脆弱人群的个人数据被盗,这些人正在寻找失踪家庭。这次臭名昭著的袭击是由国际委员会[ ... ]披露的
2022年1月20日 21:31The Daily Swig | Cybersecurity
SilverTerrier brought to heel
2022年1月20日 19:34Security Boulevard
When we first came across the opportunity to acquire Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha (v2 & v3) last year, we quickly understood this plugin’s potential to elevate the CAPTCHA game for WordPress administrators and website owners. While we felt that the plugin needed some TLC that we were more than happy to put in, we […]
The post Plugin reload: Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha is now CAPTCHA 4WP appeared first on WP White Security.
The post Plugin reload: Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha is now CAPTCHA 4WP appeared first on Security Boulevard.
当我们去年第一次有机会收购 Advanced noCaptcha & invisible CAPTCHA (v2 & v3)时,我们很快就明白了这个插件的潜力,它可以提升 WordPress 管理员和网站所有者的 CAPTCHA 游戏。虽然我们觉得插件需要一些我们非常乐意加入的 TLC,但是我们[ ... ]
插件重载: 先进的 noCaptcha & invisible CAPTCHA 现在是 CAPTCHA 4WP 首次出现在 WP 白色安全。
后插件重载: 先进的 noCaptcha & 无形的验证码现在是验证码4wp 首次出现在安全大道。
2022年1月20日 19:34Security Boulevard
No manager or executive wants to receive a phone call informing them that a team member has engaged in suspicious activities that require a security investigation. But that’s just what happened to Code42’s vice president of portfolio strategy and product marketing, Mark Wojtasiak. Code42’s internal instance of its insider risk management toolbox discovered a member..
The post Teachable Moment: An Insider Threat on Your Team appeared first on Security Boulevard.
没有一个管理者或执行者愿意接到一个电话,通知他们某个团队成员参与了需要进行安全调查的可疑活动。但 code42负责投资组合策略和产品营销的副总裁 Mark Wojtasiak 就是这样。Code42内部风险管理工具箱的内部实例发现了一个成员。.
后教时刻: 你的团队的内部威胁首先出现在安全大道。
2022年1月20日 19:33Light Blue Touchpaper
Professor Robert N. M. Watson (Cambridge), Professor Simon W. Moore (Cambridge), Professor Peter Sewell (Cambridge), Dr Jonathan Woodruff (Cambridge), Brooks Davis (SRI), and Dr Peter G. Neumann (SRI) After over a decade of research creating the CHERI protection model, hardware, software, and formal models and proofs, developed over three DARPA research programmes, we are at … Continue reading Arm releases experimental CHERI-enabled Morello board as part of £187M UKRI Digital Security by Design programme →
Robert n. m. Watson 教授(剑桥)、 Simon w. Moore 教授(剑桥)、 Peter Sewell 教授(剑桥)、 Jonathan Woodruff 博士(剑桥)、 Brooks Davis 博士(斯坦福)和 Peter g. Neumann 博士(斯坦福)经过十多年对 CHERI 保护模型、硬件、软件以及正式模型和证明的研究,我们开发了三个 DARPA 研究项目,我们正在... ... 继续阅读 Arm 发布的实验性 CHERI-enabled Morello 板块,作为187m UKRI Digital Security by Design 项目→的一部分
2022年1月20日 19:31Microsoft Security Response Ce
Today, Arm announced that the first silicon supporting the Morello prototype architecture, a research project led by Arm, Microsoft, University of Cambridge and others, is now available on a limited run of demonstration boards, which are being shipped from today to industry partners for testing. Morello is the first high-performance implementation of the CHERI extensions. …
An Armful of CHERIs Read More »
今天,Arm 宣布第一个支持 Morello 原型架构的硅---- 一个由 Arm、微软、剑桥大学和其他公司领导的研究项目---- 现在可以在有限的演示板上使用,从今天开始将运送到行业合作伙伴进行测试。Morello 是 CHERI 扩展的第一个高性能实现。...
2022年1月20日 17:34Security Boulevard
These days WordPress infections are very common. In 2021, internetlivestats.com counted over 81 million websites hacked. If you’re one of the millions, you need to take action to fix and protect your site. Of course, a hacked site will put any site owner into panic mode. This article will provide insight on what to do if your website is hacked and how to move forward. WordPress sites can be hacked due to a variety of reasons, which we cover in Why are WordPress sites targeted by hackers?
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现在 WordPress 的感染非常普遍。2021年, internetlivestats.com 统计了超过8100万个网站被黑客攻击。如果你是百万中的一员,你需要采取行动来修复和保护你的网站。当然,被黑客攻击的网站会让任何网站所有者陷入恐慌。这篇文章将提供洞察如果你的网站被黑客入侵该怎么做,以及如何向前推进。由于各种原因 WordPress 站点可能会被黑客攻击,我们在《为什么 WordPress 站点会成为黑客攻击的目标?
如果你的 WordPress 网站被黑客入侵,你应该怎么做。
如果你的 WordPress 网站被黑客入侵,你该怎么办? 这篇文章首先出现在安全大道。
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Throughout its history, the tech industry has had to deal with constant change, increasingly complex architectures and security challenges. Security is a particularly deep well of concepts to navigate. One offshoot of this is acronym fatigue, a never-ending, ever-changing mishmash of insider terms that are intended to define markets. The advent of cloud has taken..
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纵观其历史,科技行业不得不应对不断变化、日益复杂的架构和安全挑战。安全是一个特别深的概念导航井。这种现象的一个衍生产物就是“首字母缩略词疲劳症”(fatigue) ,这是一种无休止、不断变化的内部词汇混合体,旨在定义市场。云计算的出现。.
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Sometimes it’s the littlest things that can make the biggest difference. Take passwords, for instance. While few would argue against the necessity of choosing a strong password, many companies and employees continue to ignore best practices in password creation—or perhaps they are simply unaware of what this requires. Instead, people often choose easy-to-guess, predictable passwords...
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有时候,最小的事情就能带来最大的不同。以密码为例。虽然很少有人会反对选择一个强大的密码的必要性,但许多公司和雇员继续忽视创建密码的最佳实践ーー或者他们可能只是不知道这需要什么。相反,人们常常选择易于猜测、可预测的密码... ..。
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2022年1月20日 17:31360漏洞预警
2022年01月20日,360CERT监测发现 `Apache` 官方 发布了 `Log4j` 的风险通告,漏洞编号为 `CVE-2022-23302,CVE-2022-23305,CVE-2022-23307` ,对应的组件分别是: `JMSSink` 、 `JDBCAppender` 、 `Chainsaw` 。漏洞等级: `严重` ,漏洞评分: `9.8` 。
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This article explains how a disk image can be taken from a virtual machine running on the public cloud. The acquired disk image can then be used with offline forensic tools like Autopsy and Encase. When to acquire a forensic image Cybercriminals often abuse services in the public cloud because of the low cost and […]
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本文解释如何从运行在公共云上的虚拟机获取磁盘映像。获取的磁盘图像可以用于离线法医工具,如 Autopsy 和 Encase。什么时候获取取证图像网络犯罪分子往往滥用公共云服务,因为低成本和[ ... ]
从 OVH 云中采集法医磁盘图像的帖子最早出现在彩虹和独角兽上。
从 OVH 云中采集法医磁盘图像的帖子最早出现在安全大道上。
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Nearly everyone has been in a situation that required us to form a
hypothesis or draw a conclusion to make a decision with limited
information. This kind of decision-making crops up in all aspects of life,
from personal relationships to business. However, there is one cognitive
trap that we can easily fall into from time to time. We tend to
overcomplicate reasoning when it’s not necessary.
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一、概述 2022年1月19日,绿盟科技CERT监测发现Oracle官方发布了1月关键补丁更新公告CPU(Cr
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2022年1月20日 10:08绿盟科技博客
一、漏洞概述 1月19日,绿盟科技CERT监测到Apache发布安全公告披露了3个Log4j的漏洞,均影响Ap
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Trusted-Computing-Group-article-USCM-winter-2022-Issue The number of cyber-attacks attempting to compromise global industry supply chains are on the rise, and a new survey by BlueVoyant found that 97 percent of global firms have been impacted by a cybersecurity breach in their supply chain in the past 12 months. Not only that, but 95 percent of respondents said their … Continue reading "How to Reduce The Risk of Cyber-Attacks on Global Supply Chains"
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可信计算组文章 uscm-winter-2022-issue 试图危害全球产业供应链的网络攻击数量正在上升,BlueVoyant 的一项新调查发现,在过去12个月中,97% 的全球企业受到了供应链网络安全漏洞的影响。不仅如此,还有95% 的受访者表示他们... ... 继续阅读《如何降低全球供应链遭受网络攻击的风险》
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Finding Log4j Instances in Runtime and Tracking Completed Remediation at a Fortune 100 Company Time is a funny thing. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been just over a month since Log4Shell, a zero-day vulnerability in the Java logging tool Log4j, was publicly disclosed on December 9th, 2021. The following day, I was contacted …
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在运行时中查找 Log4j 实例和在财富100强企业时间跟踪完成补救是一件有趣的事情。令人难以置信的是,Log4Shell (Java 日志工具 Log4j 中的一个零日漏洞)于2021年12月9日公开披露之后,已经过去了一个多月。第二天,有人联系了我。
《寻找 Log4j 漏洞: 财富100强案例研究》一文首次出现在安全大道上。
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Online fraud is skyrocketing. Our Global Fraud Index reflects over 2 years of threat data revealing changes to risk over time. Learn more here.
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Deloitte today extended its portfolio of managed security services to include a managed extended detection and response (MXDR) offering that incorporates security monitoring and response capabilities developed by both Deloitte and its third-party partners. Curt Aubley, MXDR by Deloitte leader and a managing director for Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory for Deloitte & Touche LLP,..
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德勤今天扩大了其管理安全服务组合,包括管理扩展检测和响应(MXDR)服务,其中包括德勤及其第三方合作伙伴开发的安全监测和响应能力。柯特奥布利,MXDR 由德勤领导人和德勤风险与财务咨询董事总经理为德勤 & 托什有限责任公司,年。.
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There are truisms that span history. One truism is that a single mistake can lead to disaster, and to some extent the series of vulnerabilities affecting the organizations that use Apache Log4j.
有些老生常谈跨越了历史。一个不言而喻的事实是,一个错误就可能导致灾难,在某种程度上,一系列的漏洞会影响到使用 Apache Log4j 的组织。
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Learn 7 ways to support a strained IT team without adding budget or headcount.
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学习7种方法,在不增加预算或人数的情况下支持紧张的 IT 团队。
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Discussing environmental and social issues in infosec with ESG researcher Chloé Messdaghi
Every single business, including the ones in cybersecurity, is intertwined with social issues and concerns.
Chloé Messdaghi is a strategy consultant and ESG researcher who provides Environmental, Social, and Governance consulting to businesses. Today, I sit down with Chloé to discuss the biggest issues facing the infosec industry, such as diversity and sustainability, and how we can start tackling them together.
What are the biggest social challenges facing our industry? How can we take the steps to increase diversity and reduce the environmental impact of infosec? Listen on to find out!
Chloé Messdaghi is a published strategist who advises and develops impactful solutions that make sense for organizations’ shareholders and stakeholders. Additionally, she is an international public speaker at major conferences and events, and serves as a trusted source to rep
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Subreddits that require selfies to verify genuine users from fake accounts create a goldmine of content for criminals to steal for ID Fraud.
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为什么 Reddit 的身份验证过程是合成身份欺诈的金矿首先出现在安全大道上。
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Our thanks to Security BSides London for publishing their tremendous videos from the Security BSides London 2021 Conference on the organization’s YouTube channel. Enjoy!
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我们感谢伦敦安全协会在该组织的 YouTube 频道上发布了他们在伦敦安全协会2021年会议上的大量视频。享受吧!
2021年伦敦奥运会后的安全问题——杰夫 · 莫耶的《周大福的起步》首次出现在安全大道上。
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When I first joined DeepFactor, I set out to learn as much as I could about the relevant markets and technology categories to inform our go-to-market strategy. One of the first questions I asked myself was “What category does DeepFactor fit into and what are the trends that are shaping that category?”
As an innovative new company that was built to help developers create secure cloud native applications, the first thought that came to mind was applications security testing (AST). However, the vendors and tools in the AST category were designed before cloud native apps or Kubernetes existed and are still primarily used for traditional monolithic applications.
After some research, discussions with industry analysts, and conversations with DeepFactor customers, it was clear that DeepFactor was more aligned with the principles and philosophy embodied by the emerging category called Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). In this blog, I’ll share my research on the category, trends that are shaping th
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Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a bunch of writing about what seems to be fake COVID-19 testing sites. They take your name and info, and do a nose swab, but you never get test results. Speculation centered around data harvesting, but that didn’t make sense because it was far too labor intensive for that and — sorry to break it to you — your data isn’t worth all that much.
It seems to be multilevel marketing fraud instead:
The Center for COVID Control is a management company to Doctors Clinical Laboratory. It provides tests and testing supplies, software, personal protective equipment and marketing services — online and printed — to testing sites, said a person who was formerly associated with the Center for COVID Control. Some of the sites are owned independently but operate in partnership with the chain under its name and with its guidance...
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Problem Statement: One of our clients was using the Log4j software library to manage their logging services and hence, they were one of the at-risk companies that required an immediate...
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问题陈述: 我们的一个客户使用 Log4j 软件库来管理他们的日志服务,因此,他们是需要立即..。
后 Log4j 补救(案例研究)首次出现在 vSecureLabs 上。
后 Log4j 补救(案例研究)首次出现在安全大道。
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If you created an online account to manage your tax records with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), those login credentials will cease to work later this year. The agency says that by the summer of 2022, the only way to log in to irs.gov will be through ID.me, an online identity verification service that requires applicants to submit copies of bills and identity documents, as well as a live video feed of their faces via a mobile device.
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如果你在美国国税局(IRS)创建了一个在线账户来管理你的税务记录,那么这些登录凭证将在今年晚些时候失效。该机构表示,到2022年夏天,登录 irs. gov 的唯一途径将是通过 ID.me,这是一个在线身份验证服务,要求申请人提交账单和身份证明文件的副本,以及通过移动设备进行的面部实时视频传输。